Sector-specific opportunities

Opportunities in Bahrain

There are numerous opportunities for UK businesses across many sectors in Bahrain’s developed market.

Contact the Department for International Trade (DIT) trade specialists to find local representatives for your products via:

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[Source – DIT Trade and Investment guide: Bahrain,]

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Government tenders

Public tenders in Bahrain valued at 10,000 BHD or over can be accessed on the Bahraini Government’s Tender Board, at: However, you should be aware of the need to employ a quota of Bahrainis to comply with Bahrainisation rules (which aim to improve local employment prospects and reduce reliance on imported labour).

Partnering with a Bahraini firm may improve your chance of success if applying for a government tender. Check with the DIT team in Manama at: for assistance and information about third-party advisers if you decide to have your tender bids submitted by a domestic company or consultant.

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Education sector

The British schooling system is considered to be the benchmark in Bahrain, both at secondary and higher education levels. Demand for UK degrees is high, with the UK being the preferred choice for Bahraini students pursuing higher education abroad.

There are opportunities for co-operation in the education sector, including:

  • programme development within healthcare, social sciences, energy, technology and creative sectors

  • higher education partnerships

  • vocational education and training

  • financial services qualifications, including Islamic finance

  • training and continuing professional development (CPD) for staff

  • special educational needs

  • collaborative research with universities

Contact the DIT team in Bahrain at: for more information on opportunities in the Bahrain education sector.

[Source – DIT Trade and Investment guide: Bahrain,]


Financial and professional services sector

Bahrain is regarded as the best regulated financial services centre in the Middle East. It is an attractive location to set up operations and has a leading edge in the region in the Islamic finance and insurance sectors.

There are more than 400 licenced financial institutions in Bahrain. Although wholesale banking, insurance and funds/asset management are the main services provided by these institutions, a full range of financial services are covered. Bahrain is already home to a number of British financial and professional services firms.

Financial and professional services are currently the fastest growing sector in Bahrain’s economy. The banking and financial sector is one of the most important sectors in Bahrain’s economy accounting for over 27% of GDP in 2018, which increased from 16.5% in 2016.

Growth within the industry has led to Bahrain becoming a regional banking hub, and therefore attracting foreign companies, including UK companies, to do business with Bahrain. This is due to the open market economy, stable macro-economic and fiscal policies, a credible regulatory framework, as well as the qualified, local workforce.

There are opportunities for providers of:

  • Islamic finance

  • legal services

  • infrastructure finance

  • insurance and reinsurance (both conventional and Islamic)

  • education, training and qualifications

  • asset management

  • private banking

  • capital markets

Contact the DIT team in Bahrain at: for more information on opportunities in the Bahrain financial and professional services sector.

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Healthcare sector

A number of hospitals are undergoing modernisation with UK products held in high regard. Opportunities for UK companies include:

  • pharmaceuticals

  • medical equipment

  • facilities management

  • training courses for staff

  • establishing nursing homes

  • information and communications technology (ICT)

Contact the DIT team in Bahrain at: for more information on opportunities in the Bahrain healthcare sector.

[Source – DIT Trade and Investment guide: Bahrain,]


Infrastructure sector

The majority of the US $10 billion GCC Development Programme fund has been allocated towards infrastructure development.

Infrastructure projects include:

  • school, hospital and social housing construction

  • road network development

  • GCC rail network and other land transportation projects (e.g. expanding bus network and a Light Rail Rapid Transit scheme)

  • Bahrain International Airport expansion

  • Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) oil refinery expansion

  • aluminium downstream manufacturing

Opportunities include:

  • transport and engineering consultancy

  • provision of specific products or materials

  • project and programme management

  • operation and maintenance

  • technical road knowledge and expertise relating to bridge engineering, road safety, training and intelligent transport systems (ITS)

Contact the DIT team in Bahrain at: for more information on opportunities in the Bahrain infrastructure sector.

[Source – DIT Trade and Investment guide: Bahrain,]


Information and communications technology (ICT) sector

Bahrain plays host for a number of IT companies, ranging from areas including:

  • IT services

  • IT distribution

  • IT consultancy

  • data management systems

  • software developers

  • customer support centres

The MENA ranks Bahrain 1st in the region for the readiness of its ICT services, due to them being the most competitive and affordable.

Bahrain is also the first country in the region to deregulate its telecommunications market fully and it hopes to become the first GCC economy to adopt a cloud-first policy, with the Bahraini Government committed to creating new business opportunities and allowing a more proactive approach to data management, through the transition to the cloud.

ICT companies wanting to do business with Bahrain can benefit from the country’s robust ICT infrastructure, powerful internet connectivity systems and a business-friendly regulatory environment, as well as a large availability of skilled workers and many options in terms of setting up your office.

Within Bahrain, and also within the Middle East as a regional market, there are ICT opportunities within the following sectors:

  • cloud (data centre and software as a service)

  • cybersecurity

  • digital content

  • e-commerce

  • business services

Contact the DIT team in Bahrain at: for more information on opportunities in the Bahrain information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

[Source – DIT Trade and Investment guide: Bahrain,, EDB Bahrain]


Logistics sector

Bahrain has a user-friendly environment, and due to its location between the east and west time zones, multinational corporations are increasingly recognising Bahrain as a country to set up business in, and also seeing the country as a gateway into other countries within the Middle East. Through the King Fahd Causeway, there is only a 30 minute drive time to Saudi Arabia, with 75% of its economy reachable through transportation from Bahrain.

Bahrain’s location also means that there is an increased need for the Bahrain International Airport and the Khalifa Bin Salman Port, which has the fastest clearance time of all the GCC countries.

Through this, Bahrain has become a highly integrated logistics hub.

Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ)

The Bahrain Logistics Zone is situated close to the Khalifa Bin Salman Port, and ensures companies wishing to do business in tailor made services get help with their every need. BLZ, for many businesses, is the ideal location within Bahrain, as it is the most cost-effective location within the Northern Gulf.

The main benefits include:

  • 100% foreign company ownership

  • multimodal access by land, sea and air

  • flexible plot options

  • purpose-built

  • dedicated 24-hour customs services

  • basic services such as facilities management and special waste management

Contact the DIT team in Bahrain at: for more information on opportunities in the Bahrain logistics sector.

[Source – DIT Trade and Investment guide: Bahrain,, EDB Bahrain,]


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