To be successful in business means taking risks and putting in a lot of hard work – no CEO or chairman of any board will claim otherwise. Experts in negotiating the Bahrain business landscape, PRIME understands these risks well; back in 2005, armed only with a vision after identifying opportunity in the market, the company founders took a plunge and established the consultancy. Bahrain’s economy was vastly different back then and PRIME was well-rewarded with three years as the sole serviced office provider in the country. As new and international players entered the market, it became clear that PRIME needed to differentiate itself from the competition; to do so it needed to widen its scope of services. PRIME took further risks, continuously evolving and adapting its range of services to ensure it maintained its firm hold as a well-reputed business support services provider in the region.

Today, the company is the go-to service provider for every discerning business owner in the country, big and small. Created to offer both companies and entrepreneurs an expert view on a wide range of business support services, it is the kind of company that takes away the negative connotations associated with risk – especially when it comes to expanding your business within a new market. PRIME replaces fears with knowledge, wisdom and the kind of can-do attitude that empowers business owners, allowing them to move into new territories with ease.

Conveniently located in the heart of the Diplomatic Area of Manama, PRIME has diligently provided advice to a range of businesses over the past 15 years, in the process introducing hundreds of companies to Bahrain’s economy. It was the first company in Bahrain to specialise in providing all-encompassing business support solutions under one roof, and is run by a team that prides itself on an incomparable local knowledge of doing business, a wealth of influential contacts and a commitment to rapid service, ensuring budgets go further and results are guaranteed.

While its initial provision of serviced offices remains a mainstay of the company’s offering, these days, PRIME’s remit has expanded to include a wide range of business support services designed to make meeting Bahrain’s complex commercial rules and regulations easily achievable. With registered offices that are fully licensed and approved, PRIME excels in startup logistics and representation of clients with the country’s various government bodies. They fast-track changes and renewals to commercial registrations, saving clients many administrative headaches.

What makes PRIME really stand out is its blanket coverage of all areas of business – the team has all your needs under control. Thanks to years of unparalleled experience, the company is in the best possible position to ensure that when you arrive in Bahrain, the inner workings of your business are seamless; from office space and visa requirements to payroll, IT support, and translation, as well as bookkeeping and audit services. Often, PRIME is approached for assistance in reference to one particular area and before long, the client is fully on board, drawn in by the power of PRIME’s business management programs.

The benefits of doing business in Bahrain include a well-developed infrastructure with excellent transport and communication facilities, no personal or corporate taxation, and no restriction on capital and profit repatriation, among many other factors. This means the country is a bona fide melting pot of ideas, people, and businesses looking to expand on their international reach. This open-to-all ethos has ensured that Bahrain has the fastest-growing economy in the region, besides being the gateway to GCC’s $1.5 trillion market. The country ranks first globally as one of the best places to live; it is regarded highly for job opportunities and career satisfaction, and is renowned for its friendly culture and ease of settling in.

With Bahrain’s development as a world-class business destination gaining speed, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are deciding to lay roots in the country. Spurred on by the government’s liberal attitude to foreign investment, well-informed businesses are descending on Bahrain, keen to tap into this new and exciting economy. Many of these businesses have already employed the unrivalled services of PRIME, with the company proving particularly popular among the IT, energy, banking and construction sectors in addition to international immigration service providers.

Clients include world-renowned brands such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Berry Appleman & Leiden, Bluewater Bio Limited, Danzas, VASCO, Satyam, JC Decaux, Petrosat and Foster Wheeler, not to mention a wealth of smaller companies and entrepreneurs, and of course, those looking to start a new business completely from scratch. In every case, tailored service is a prerequisite – it’s PRIME’s mission to successfully launch and maintain flourishing companies in Bahrain and that responsibility isn’t taken lightly.

Often, one of the most disconcerting first steps to launching a business is securing the correct licence to legally operate in Bahrain. With PRIME on your side, it’s simply a matter of ticking the right boxes and letting them do all the hard work on your behalf. PRIME will ensure your business adheres to Bahrain laws and regulations, deals with municipal issues and can even promptly settle any monthly fees on your behalf. Work visas, residence permits, business licences and other documents all fall within PRIME’s remit, as does ensuring your company is registered with the Bahrain authorities responsible for regulating the employment of all foreign nationals in the country.

For expatriates, it’s all about securing the correct visa. The general consensus is that attaining a visa is a time-consuming and complicated process, but it needn’t be. PRIME removes any stress and strain by taking care of the process on their clients’ behalf. From tourist and business visit visas to one or two-year work visas and Saudi visit visas, the team advises on what visa is required and proceed to acquire it on your behalf. With PRIME’s unmitigated experience and local contacts, acquiring a visa through PRIME is a swift, seamless procedure that ensures your company and its employees have the necessary approvals to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive.

PRIME’s invaluable contacts extend to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a series of embassies in order to secure hassle-free attestations and legalisations on behalf of their clients. Notarisations meanwhile, can be arranged directly with the Notary Public office or with Hatim Q. Zu’bi, partner at PRIME’s sister company, Zu’bi & Partners, Attorneys & Legal Consultants. As a Notary Public, he is permitted to provide Private Notarial services by the Bahrain Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs.

Once all the paperwork has been signed, sealed and delivered, it’s a case of settling into day-to-day business life in Bahrain. In these instances, you may find that you need to call upon PRIME’s streamlining services once again. Because not only does the company facilitate the setup of new businesses, it also embodies a unique skillset that can be vital in ensuring businesses are operating at their maximum output – especially useful when finding your feet on new business terrain. Having administrative tasks taken out of your hands frees up the headspace to focus on what’s most important in the first formative months – and beyond.

Tasks which fall under this bracket include bookkeeping – everything from basic monthly bookkeeping through to the preparation of your audited financial statements and annual submission thereof to the relevant ministry. Then, there are additional services in the field of company commercial registration and renewals which must be carried out on an annual basis. Additional sector-specific licences are also included in this category. Elsewhere, PRIME’s corporate legal services cover everything from legal advice for startups and business closures, as well as share transfers, organising trustees and nominees and corporate securities.

PRIME has you covered in terms of compliance too. The company’s corporate secretarial services packages ensure that your company is in compliance with the most recent directives of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism at all times, while simultaneously holding a company’s statutory records, maintaining the shareholder register, filing audited financial statements and convening the annual general meeting of the company, if requested.

Day-to-day support is also available. PRIME has a wide selection of office spaces available for both long and short-term rent, making it a suitable solution for brief business trips or for companies looking to build a long-term presence in Bahrain. PRIME offers meeting rooms equipped with videoconferencing and teleconferencing equipment – essential commodities when you’re working internationally. The company can even assume responsibility for payroll processing and accounting, which ensures local and international staff are paid promptly and securely, within the required framework of tax and insurance regulations.

Thanks to Bahrain’s reputation as a regional leader in developing intellectual property laws, this is a topic that often rears its head. Fortunately, PRIME is well-versed in dealing with copyrighting services across the GCC and the wider Middle East region. From patents, trademarks and industrial designs to data protection, ownership search and legal services in the form of enforcement and prosecution, the company is excellently placed to deliver a wide range of services that uphold the agreements made between Bahrain and other countries.

PRIME’s translation service is fast becoming one of their most in-demand services, one that all companies require at one point or another. From Arabic to English and vice versa, it’s essential to have access to both languages to ensure efficient communication between businesses and it is compulsory to submit some corporate, legal and personal documents in Arabic to government bodies. Furthermore, these must all be submitted after translation by a PRIME Certified Translator and look as close to the original as possible – with documents like deeds, birth certificates and degrees all included. PRIME makes this particular task far less overwhelming than it sounds.

Therein lies the unique appeal of PRIME. Led by a small, highly qualified team who deliver sustainable solutions for all your business requirements, PRIME prides itself on approaching each case with utmost competence and deeply ingrained expertise, offering unparalleled local knowledge with all the seamless professionalism usually attributed to western service credentials. PRIME’s success is due to that fact it has remained true to its core values over the years, creating a company that employees and customers are proud to associate with. As proven industry leaders, PRIME are your trusted partners in business; their sole aim to help set you and your colleagues up on the exciting Bahrain business stage. With PRIME, embarking on a new business venture doesn’t feel like taking a risk, it’s simply all part of the process on the road to success.

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